Saturday, 25 January 2014

Learning curve

As I type this, yesterday was Sunday.
Sunday this week, was not the best Sunday ever had.
Daughter slept at friends Saturday night. I got a text at 8am saying she was coming home as really grumpy, wouldn't play with friend and wouldn't tidy up. Thankfully,  the family she stayed with have known her since she was tiny and decided to call me rather than risk upsetting daughter.
Feel sorry for daughter. She really isn't coping with life at the minute, this just shows how hard she is finding things because normally, at a friends she will be fine. I have been saying for ages she isn't coping. Its almost nice for someone else to see issues too.
When we got home, all daughter would say is 'I am not going to church'. Over and over and over. She said she just didn't want to go. End of. In her eyes, at least. However, in our eyes, we were going to church. End of!
We decided to leave for church early, to give everyone a chance to settle down. Glad we did. Daughter screaming and hitting me whilst I attempted to get her in car. Shouting and arguing all the way there and finally had a full blown meltdown in the entrance way to the service. After a relatively short meltdown of around 20 mins, she calmed enough for me to take into the main hall, just a few minutes before the service started. By the time this happened, she was calm and wanted to go to the childrens group. She still wasn't right, I could tell by the way she insisted on putting my coat on and using it to 'hide' away in. So, she went to the kids group, seemed to be fine, had a good time and even won the pass the parcel! Came out saying she is glad she went. Even braved coming out of her protective coat by 1130. Personally, I am glad she won. I doubt she would have coped with losing the game with the way she is atm. But I am also glad I took her. For 2 reasons. Firstly, Church have been understanding when I have asked for prayer and mentioned how difficult she was being, however, I am not sure they really understood what I meant by violent meltdowns. Now they do. :-). Secondly, it ended on a positive for daughter. She came away happy with winning, and hopefully more eager to go next time.
The rest of Sunday passed fairly normally,  I took both kids to soft play, but after less than an hour daughter was complaining she wanted to go home. I think it was too busy for her and she couldn't handle it.
I even managed to get her bathed and into bed with no major issues, which is rather abnormal!
This morning, I arranged for both my children to have a friend each round to play for a few hours. Sons friend arrived 45 mins before daughters. Bad planning on my side. Daughter couldn't understand that and was extremely upset that he would have longer with his friend than she would with hers. She didn't quite see that she had a different friend who she played with all Saturday afternoon, when she went for the sleepover and son only had a friend for 3 hours of that time. Its never fair, to her. Its always worst case scenario.
She also had an ulcer in her mouth. Which caused big problems, she is texture sensitive, and anything in her mouth that isn't normal is an issue. We brought her some cream for it. The cream tasted awful (apparently) so we then had issues over that. Ulcer burst, then it felt strange in her mouth. Issues over that. All in all, we delt with a mouth ulcer for 2 hours. Sometimes I wonder how I ever get anything done! Most of the afternoon she was cuddly and clingy.  She hadnt managed to brush her teeth or her hair today she hates the feel of a brush in her mouth and doesn't like the feel of the hairbrush either.  lets hope I have more luck with that tomorrow.
On the positive side.  I was beaten hands down at pictureka. She has memorised the whole board.  I never stood a chance.  I now proclaim her queen of pictureka! !

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