Saturday, 25 January 2014

Chest pains.

What a couple of days. Duck is definitely not a happy duck at the minute. Sadly, we get to feel the unhappiness at home. I had a meeting at the school, they needed to discuss their handling of Duck when I arrive to drop her off. It was very basic, however, as they said, they do not need much because duck never plays up for them. Once I have gone she settles down and they can guide her with an arm around her shoulder. However, they do understand the situation is different for me. They have seen it and they are supportive, as much as they can be.
Duck was still complaining of being ill, so I called school at lunch time to see if she needed medicine, and yes, she had been complaining to them again too. Off we trot to top up her dose. Again.  Bed time was, well, terrible. In a fight to refuse, Duck pushed me and I bashed my arm on the banister, and hurt it, not to mention, in tripping, I trod on ducks leg, and very nearly hurt that too. She is getting harder and harder at bed time, I hope we will get some decent medicine soon, but we have to wait for our referral to get that. Eventually, I got Duck to sleep. It took until 945. But asleep she was. :-)
School the next day was bad, really bad. Duck decided she was too ill to do PE and asked me to write a note saying she couldn't do it. I refused, Duck went into violence, she was hitting me a lot (and husband) and spend an hour and a half flitting between begging me to write it and hitting me for refusing. She even tried to write her own note, but realised it wasn't going to work. Battle lines drawn, Duck wouldn't cooperate at all, she wouldn't get into the car, and she wouldn't put her seatbelt on. Leading her again, like handling a young child, I took her to the car and securely fastened her in.
On arrival at school, Ducks mood didn't improve. She refused to get out of the car, and when she did, she tripped over and dropped her earmuffs. She then became aggressive as her earmuffs were now wet. She started hitting me (again) and then threw her earmuffs at me. As she did so, I let go of her coat, which meant she was able to run away. She didn't go far, and after a short wait, she returned to the car to get her earmuffs, again hitting me when I tried to help. She was screaming at me to let go of her coat, but I was not about to let her run off twice! Senco appeared, along with another member of staff from school. We got her into the office and I managed to escape. I told senco briefly that Duck had not had a good morning.
Again, Duck came home complaining of pain in her chest, said it had been hurting all day, and I obviously didn't care! I got her an appointment at the GP for later that evening. I was sure there was nothing wrong, however, I am not a GP and I decided she needed a real check up, just for peace of my mind, and for Ducks too. GP is lovely, and has a good understanding of Duck. She was happy to give Duck a full examination, including checking her chest, heart, lungs, tonsils and ears. Needless to say she found nothing wrong. She did suggest Duck may have pulled a muscle in her chest. I felt this was to justify our visit in Ducks mind. Duck was not happy she really thought she was ill. I think her pain is caused by anxiety. I think the pain is real, but nothing we do will help.
We expected a meltdown over the GP visit, but Duck seemed to cope well. She even seemed happier, like the 'all clear' had lifted a weight off her mind. Duck also ate (well drank) a lot of food this evening. She had 2 nutrition ice cream smoothies that I make, which contain almost 350 calories each. Then she had some other bits, a chocolate milkshake, some pate and 2 'pots of joy'. I think it was one of her best days for eating. We couldn't tempt her with pizza that we were eating.  Duck is refusing to have a bath tonight, and she is already saying she wont go to bed. Battle lines drawn once again, let battle commence...
The PDA army are plotting behind the scenes. We are aiming for a big hit of a PDA awareness day in February, we have lots planned, and even more to plan. We are going to get as much publicity as we can and hope to help many, many fold in our position along with raising the numbers on the petition. We are a long way off our target. We plan to rectify that. You can help, you can fight with the army. Please sign the petition. You can find it HERE.

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