Saturday, 25 January 2014

Autism Daily Newscast

Wow, its been a busy day, to say the least. It started with Duck not wanting to go to school. Today her tummy hurt, her head hurt, her throat hurt and she felt dizzy! Calpol administered and off to school we went. Not quite kicking and screaming, but not exactly skipping in either!
I had an unwelcome call from the lady at behavior support today. I have to be honest, I think I over reacted but I also think she will refrain from calling me again!
I also had a total of 4 calls from the school today. I am beginning to think my numbers are on speed dial, but that's not a complaint. Communication is essential for Duck at the minute. First call was about a meeting, second was about deciding if she really was ill, third was about her eating (or lack of) and fourth was asking me to pick her up as she was going downhill.
So Duck came home I did agree, she didn't look well by that point and she didn't feel or look great for the rest of the day. So to top everything off, I now have a poorly Duck. Thank goodness its the weekend and we can chill for a couple of days!
Then at some point in the afternoon, I got a message saying my Autism Daily Newscast was live. I was really pleased with the draft and even more so when I saw the official version. Here is the link...
Duck doesn't want to go to bed. Nothing new! I decided she could stay up a bit later as she had been dozing some of the afternoon. I have to admit I much prefer her in bed! I have got emails to write, one to Anna Kennedy OBE who has asked me to contact her about PDA. I am hoping to drum up support for our petition as will as get some sensible advice for myself and others in my position.  Then I have to email TAC..a special needs support service of some kind. I am hoping they will also promote the petition and get us some support.
Then I need to sort out shopping (we have almost no food) and spend some quality time with my lovely children. I love weekends.
Enough writing for today. Don't forget to sign and share the petition
Have a good weekend everyone!

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