Saturday, 25 January 2014

Christmas cheer

Today its Christmas eve. Daughter has been in a fantastic mood. She offered to hoover,  help make the trifle,  prepare the pigs in blankets and prep the sprouts.  Its so nice to be able to spend one to one time with her when she is being so lovely.  She even asked to come with me on a dog walk. The weather is awful and she has an immense dislike of getting wet clothes  so this surprised me. She wrapped herself up in coat, waterproof trousers and my hat then put wellies on and was ready.  We got to the look out and all was going well.  Until daughter went through a muddy puddle only to find her wellie had split.  Amazingly,  although upset, she avoided panic attacks.  I said not to worry and we would turn and go straight back to the car.  We were only 5 mins from the car so the poor dogs had the quickest walk ever.  There was plenty of moaning on the way to the car, and subsequently all the way home.  Often that cloud would be enough to destroy a good day. But with anxiety levels low and spirits high,  it was a short lived cloud.  As soon as we were home, the cloud lifted and happiness was restored.  The next thing daughter asked was 'Can we go to church today?'.... For anyone who doesn't appreciate how frustrating this question is, can I refer you to one of my previous posts....'learning curve for all around us'. For everyone else,  you probably understand my need to scream...
I am getting frustrated at the slowness of everything.  Christmas is really destroying my time scales! ! I am waiting for camhs to book asd assessment,  a private assessment to be discussed, school to reply and tell me exactly what was said to the behaviour support woman who has caused so much trouble,  head of behaviour support to contact me and explain why I was spoken to so badly and my MP who is investigating why PDA isnt recognised. Feels like I am up and ready to fight but the rest of the world has stopped for Christmas.  Most of these services are so slow at a normal time of year.  Christmas seems to be an excuse to go even slower. 
Christmas evening church service was interesting.  They gave everyone a present with 2 chocolate coins in. Then asked people to share. They asked everyone to leave one for tomorrow's crowd.  The face was a picture sharing is not exactly a strong point.  I managed as far as getting her to put one of hers back, then have mine. Only provided she gave me some of my one. Reluctantly,  she did so. Despite me having next to nothing, she shared.  what's even more important is she got the point of sharing.  I think.
Happy Christmas Everyone.  x

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